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 Information for diplomats

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PostSubject: Information for diplomats   Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:43 am

If you want a NAP or Confed with us you better bring something to the table as far as offense and defense goes. We are not here to do your dirty work and fight your wars for you.

The core of FFG has won servers on .com and has held multiple WW's. We are here to destroy shit and have a good time. No more WW's for us or drama. Regardless of our objectives were are experienced, skilled, and know what we want out of our Confed's/NAP's


- Your alliance must not be run like a bunch of noobs
- Must have an alliance of similar stature
- Our liaison will require access to any main chats and forums you have
- We do the planning for any cooperative operations
- Your players must be willing to work with our members as needed
- Provide us with timely support
- Loan us your artifacts as we need
- Must be an active alliance
- Any actions taken by your alliance that may affect FFG must be approved with us prior to taking action
- Agree to never give us an ultimatum
- Agree to never put us in a position to choose amongst allies
- Finally never ever ask us to support your WW or get involved in WW activities

If you can agree to these terms please contact Sith ingame to discuss matters further.

FYI...deception, treachery, double crossing, manipulation, or any other negative actions take against us will result in the destruction of your alliance.
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Information for diplomats
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